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Mr. BodyFitDiet


With a background in fitness and 20 years experience, Mr. BodyFitDiet is the one to go to for advice that relates to diet and nutrition, sports nutrition, weight-loss, the vegetarian diet, the paleo diet, and muscle-building in a healthy and efficient manner. He specializes in teaching others how to live a healthy

and active lifestyle that includes fitness,

strength training, and incorporating adequate

nutrition on a daily basis.


Mr. BodyDietFit is also certified in a wide

range of different disciplines, which are

all related to nutrition and fitness.


His credentials include being an:

- Professional Sports Nutritionist

- EHFA Certified Personal Trainer

- EHFA Certified Fitness Instructor

- STC Certified TRX Instructor

- Bikefit Instructor


and he additionally has extensive education in

the subjects of anatomy, physiology, and as a

sports nutritionist. Not only does Mr. BodyFitDiet

advise others on how to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, but he lives it as well, each and every day! His main objective is teaching others how they can look great, feel amazing, and transform their lives through the right training, fitness, and diet plan.


Mr. BodyFitDiet also enjoys teaching other aspects regarding

nutrition that are unique and helpful towards living a healthy life which include the active diet, the stone age diet, and ecology, so no matter who you are, no matter what your fitness and nutrition goals happen to be, Mr. BodyDietFit can definitely help you!




Currently, his focus continues to be on the triathlon, with an emphasis on Ironman. He spends his time teaching classes including SuperFit, Step, MBL, Spinning, TRX, and senior training. Mr. BodyFitDiet has a goal in mind, and that is to help everyone with a desire to achieve their weight-loss goals, he believes that everyone is truly capable of living the life they want and having a healthy and fit body to go along with it.


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